Improve reliability and track changes with robust built-in versioning.

Layer tightly couples and versions your Data, ML Model and Code. It provides extensive UI functionality to do version-diffing not on the underlying code but also with your Data and ML model versions.

+1 your up-time with uniform, reliable and reproducible pipelines

With schemas changing, datasets becoming lost, files being deleted, pipelines can break, bringing models down with them. Having versions of entities make it easy to guard against such unwanted breakages.


Focus on your entities

With the declarative approach, we automatically version your entities; datasets, features and ml models so that you can focus what's really important for the business.

Stability through immutability

Every entity and every change to these entities create a new version. With everything being immutable, it's easy to experiment, rollback, and iterate.

Easier governance

Auditability, regulatory compliance, and governance are crucial aspects of any data platform. Having built-in, automated, mandatory versioning facilitates success in these areas.

First-class support across the platform

Layer is built with versioning as a core concept. Different versions can be easily accessed via the UI or SDK. Lineage and comparisons across versions are supported.

Empower your data team


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Easy Access

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Role-based access controls and better approach for managing AI security

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