Intuitive & Powerful CLI

Layer is built by makers for makers. We all know and appreciate how much of a difference a well-designed CLI tool makes and we put extra-care into creating something that our users would love.

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Rich Feedback Loop

As opposed to many archaic CLI tools, Layer CLI gives dynamic and informative feedback to its users.

Local-only mode

To accelerate the speed of local iteration and experimentation, Layer CLI provides a mode to run without talking to the server. This mode provides a subset of the full functionality but it's nifty to move extra fast.

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The perfect companion to the web UI

Layer CLI is a complement to the graphical interface. For parts better suited to the web, it conveniently creates the URLs to the relevant pages.

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Ease of use

Layer CLI is easily installed via pip. It works in all major operating systems. It has extensive help for its commands and provides out-of-the-box auto-complete


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Ai Management

Centralized location for AI management across the enterprise, as well as a way to identify any duplication of efforts and opportunities for cost savings

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Easy Access

Easy way to access performance
and audit logs for compliance purposes

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Role-based access controls and better approach for managing AI security

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