Fast and reliable productionization. Deploy in just one click.

Boost team productivity by reducing skill-based barriers and eliminating engineering problems with fast and reliable one-click deployments of your ML Models.

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Deploy reliably

Putting a model into production is time-consuming and unreliable, taking up precious Data Science time. Layer can put models into production quickly and reliably.

Strengthen your pipelines

Protect against inconsistent, erratic and unreproducible pipelines - with schemas changing, datasets becoming lost, files being deleted and more, pipelines can break resulting in models to fail, or even worse, to give misleading outputs.

Standardize production performance

Because the data, code and environment are not standard across machines, models don't necessarily run as expected, or as originally trained, in production. These so-called "drifts" can render business goals ineffective. Layer helps ensure that production performance is high and stable.

Focus on what matters

With deployments handled, your Data Scientists and ML Engineers can focus on producing insights and delivering business impact as fast as possible without worrying about all the nitty-gritty.

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Ai Management

Centralized location for AI management across the enterprise, as well as a way to identify any duplication of efforts and opportunities for cost savings

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Easy Access

Easy way to access performance
and audit logs for compliance purposes

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Role-based access controls and better approach for managing AI security

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